Smart Phone Mirror System for Aston Martin

As I mentioned in the other description, for the Garmin upgrade, the Aston Sat Navs aren’t their strongest feature. It’s been in our minds for quite some time to try and make something better. The issue ahs always been that we wanted to keep the fabric of the car the same, so that any future owners could benefit from a completely standard car. As I mentioned, the navigation system is controlled through the screen and operated through the buttons on the dash, so the idea of having an ‘overlay’ system seemed to be the way to go.

Smart Phones nowadays have a multitude of apps available for navigation, from the likes of google maps or Apple Maps to the paid for TomTom or the excellent Waze. We supply and install the necessary components to allow phone connection and the ability to mirror your apps onto the existing Sat Nav screen. We use a wired connection in most cases, because it then gives the ability to charge the phone at the same time. Switching between the existing navigation or the mirror system is done by a small rocker switch, normally located in the ashtray aperture. We install a reverse camera at the same time as the Smart Phone mirror to aid rear view whilst parking, this will show on the navigation screen regardless of whether you are viewing the original Volvo based navigation or the Smart phone mirror. As an option you can add a forward-facing multi-angle camera to the system as well.

Cost for the Smart Phone mirror system is – £949.00

Forward Facing Camera – £550

Trackstar CAT 5
Forward Parking Camera