Vehicle Security Tracking

Whether you need to have a new tracker fitted or replace one that has gone faulty, we can help.  As well as the news post here, I have detailed some different options below.  Please use our contact us page for more information.

Thatcham have changed the regulations on stolen vehicle tracking.  Gone are the Category 5 and 6 systems, although they are still running and approved, the new categories are S5 and S7.  The S5 roughly replaces the Category 5 albeit with one difference, there is no longer a requirement for starter inhibit.  You still have ADR tags (automated driver recognition), that will alert to the alarm response centre should you happen to forget to take the tag with you on a drive, or should an undesirable steal your car!  The S7 differs in the fact that it doesn’t have the ADR tags with it, so it acts as a reactive tracker.  What I mean by this is that you as the vehicle owner have to inform the Police and then advise the tracking company that your car has gone missing, something that may be more difficult if you don’t notice the car has disappeared, if you’re on holiday etc.  For that reason we always recommend our customers to have the S5 for that added security.

We offer two different manufacturers to our Aston Martin clients, the first from Trackstar who offer both the S5 and S7 in their portfolio.  With these we can transfer any existing subscription from the old Autotxt system that was factory fitted from 2005-2013 to the new Trackstar system.  The other manufacturer we now work with is Vodafone who bought out Cobra Automotive, a leading manufacturer of vehicle security products.  Vodafone devices were production line fitted from 2013 to 2017 and are still fitted but at a cost option.  Vodafone also offer an S5+ in their portfolio which adds the starter inhibit to the standard S5 product.  The vast majority of the trackers we fit now are the S5+.

As part of the installation service, we also ensure that the old Autotxt or Tracker Horizon is disconnected completely so as not to cause any ongoing issues.

The costs for the trackers are as follows;

Trackstar S5 – £549 inc VAT

Trackstar S7 – £349 inc VAT

Vodafone S5 – £649 Inc VAT (Includes 12 Months Subscription)

Vodafone S5+ – £799 inc VAT (Includes 12 Months Subscription)

Subscription options:

Annual subscription £189 (Vodafone S5+)

Annual Subscrition £168 (Trackstar S5 and S7)


The video below is of a Trackstar fitted to a Rolls-Royce Ghost: