Calling USA


It’s been quite a while since I last updated the website, we’ve been an awful lot busier than we’d expected, so thank you to our clients for the support.

Since Len and myself started the company we have striven to offer the best electronic upgrades for your Aston Martin, and other premium brands, and give the best service we can.  Sometimes we haven’t always got that right because we said ‘yes we can’ too often without thinking if we had the time to do the job properly and without rushing.  We are now taking steps to address this, so it may be that it takes us a little longer to get to you, but we are committed to the highest quality possible.

Recent days have seen us taking steps to be GDPR compliant and adding a privacy policy to the website.

Following a very successful day, if a little damp, at Simply Aston Martin at Beaulieu Motor Museum, showcasing are current range of products, we soon took off to Florida to work with Richard Seidlitz from presenting infotainment ideas to Aston Martin owners in Tampa.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and met some fantastic and passionate owners from the Southern States, with one owner driving over 1000 miles to visit the Techday event.  We were lucky enough to use an old AM showroom in Tampa, so the setting couldn’t have been better.  We are looking forward to going back to Florida later in the year.  Moves are also afoot to hold more Techdays in Northern and Southern California.

Richard will soon be offering our products through his own webshop shortly, for the US market.

We will soon be offering our own items through a small webshop for Aston Martin owners, this will include TPMS defeat, Bovee tune2air Bluetooth receivers, Oil Catch Cans from Redpants as well as kit form items of the equipment we currently install.  We aren’t stopping installing equipment for owners across the UK and Europe, but we are getting more and more enquiries from other parts of the World and we would like the ability to look after these owners as well.

Dash cameras or Witness cameras, whichever you wish to call them have been gaining popularity in recent times and we have had quite a few requests for these.  But what a choice!  ‘Which one should I go for’? people ask.  Please drop us an email through our contact page and we can offer you some ideas.

Thank you.


We’ve Started


I must admit, I am more than a little scared of what the future holds.  I have, yesterday, handed in my notice to my current employer.  This finishes 6 years of relative stability in the employed world, with all the benefits that brings.  Now into the new world of the self employed and all the challenges that brings, some exciting, some tedious.  The other part of the business, however, is an old hand at this game and will no doubt show me the error of my ways on a regular basis in the near future.  Between us I feel we can look after the sympathetic electronic upgrades of the Aston fraternity both near and far.  But please bear with us as we find our feet in this ever changing world.

Although I must be careful not to solicit existing clients, I am hopeful the word gets around my industry and people are able to find me with not too much trouble.  I will try and keep both the websites and the blogs reasonably up to date when time and family allow.

One of the main driving reasons to venture forth, on my own, is the ability to better juggle my time with running our special needs boy to his new school.  It will take some careful planning on both my Wife’s and my part, but I hope with the understanding of my customers, this shouldn’t prove too much of an issue.

That’s all for now, I will keep you updated as things progress over the next few weeks.