Aston Martin Virage Reverse Camera Kit 2011-2012



We can now offer a reverse camera kit to fit to your Aston Martin Virage.  This was the first car to be fitted with the updated Garmin Navigation System in late 2011.  You will need to gain access to the Navigation module underneath the Sub-Speaker behind the driver or passenger seat, depending on LHD or RHD variant.  The camera can either be supplied as a self adhesive version (as shown on the Virage photo) or as a through hole mount into the number plate lamp plinth (as shown on the DB9 photo).  We can guide you through installation.  Please note, the screen will not automatically raise when reverse is selected, the screen will need to have already been raised (Auto screen lift was not available on Aston Martin Vehicles until 2013.5MY).  The camera will show instead of the Navigation image when reverse is selected.

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Weight 1 kg