BlackVue DR750X Witness Camera



If you’re stuck for what to get the Aston Martin owner in your life, for Christmas, who has quite a lot already, how about a dash camera to look out for all those other road users who are gawping at the Aston rather than looking where they’re going!

We use this particular one in all the Aston Martin models from the V8 Vantage up to the DB11 and Vanquish Volante and everything in between.  They offer great quality images both in daylight and more importantly, now the nights have drawn in, night time.  The build quality is such that it doesn’t look out of place in the car, as you can see from the pictures where it is shown in a DB11 and a Vanquish Volante.  It can be fitted by yourself, or if you would prefer us to take care of it, we would be glad to help.  Just ask.  We also have the option of a battery pack, this allows the camera to keep recording when the car is parked but it doesn’t then drain the car’s battery, very important on these cold winter mornings.  If you’d like further information on the technical specifications, please let us know through the contact us page.