DBS Project

Rewind to mid September 2018 and Dave, client, friend, ex-pat car nut drops me a message. ‘Have you got CarPlay working, do I need to bring my Blue DBS over?’ And so begins a bit of an adventure. It appears that Dave is also looking to change the interior trim colour, add glass buttons as well as having Apple CarPlay and the 360degree camera system we have in development. Over many messages we agree that it would be an excellent idea that we had the car with us in Tewkesbury, at our workshop. Storage for Dave, whilst he sorts a new house out in the Netherlands, cover for the winter months and capability of removing every piece of trim ready to go to the trimmer. We have a friend here in Tewkesbury, a retained Fire Fighter, that hails from Amsterdam, aka ‘Dutchy’. When we asked him ‘Can we fly you home and can you bring an Aston Martin back for us’, he responded amazing quickly! So with flights booked and a sports car special, lower deck, on the ferry also sorted, we were off. Late one Sunday evening in early October a dark blue DBS rolls up to the house with a grinning Dutchy behind the wheel. Phew, back in one piece. In the cold light of day that followed I could understand the want for a colour change. Perhaps it appeals to Arab countries, where the car originally came from, to have a brighter interior, but it was, as the owner termed ‘like a sheep exploded inside’, hence forth it’s been known as Shawn!

We set to work and removed 67 different pieces of trim, quite surprising how many pieces make up the interior of a DBS. The end of this first chapter is that we have just delivered the entire contents of ‘Shawn’ to the trimmer, Simon Lee at Hide and Seat near Durham (http://www.hidenseat.co.uk/). Simon’s work has won awards for the owners of the cars he’s worked on, so we’re excited to see the results in six weeks time or so. Early March will see the interior trim going back in. By this time we will have had time to fit the CarPlay system and integrate both this and the 360 camera system into the existing Navigation and Bang and Olufsen audio system. We’ll be adding a gallery of pictures of the car shortly, so please keep an eye on our website and social media feeds for more updates on ‘Shawn’s’ story.