High Definition Sat Nav Screen Upgrade

Ever since we offered the first navigation screen update using the Smartphone mirror system, we have wanted to upgrade the LCD panel on the Volvo based navigation system, fitted on cars from 2004 up to 2011.  It became more apparent with the advent of our CarPlay system, we HAD to do something with the lacklustre resolution of the original screen.  The resolution of the original is 400×240 pixels in a 6.5″ format.  We have now replaced this with an 800×480 panel, so twice the resolution, the same resolution as fitted to the DB11, DBSS and new Vantage.

The LCD driver PCB has been recoded by us to allow connection to the original Aston Martin Navigation System so we can still control lifting and lowering of the screen.  We have now added an HDMI input for our Apple CarPlay/Android Auto system and  Composite RCA connections for front and rear camera.  The channels are selected with a small press button we normally locate in the ashtray aperture, reverse camera is automatically selected when select reverse.  You can have any combination of CarPlay/Android Auto or cameras as we set up the channels on the screen accordingly.  This can be altered if you decided to add features at a later date.

Aston Martin HD Screen LCD Driver
Aston Martin HD Screen Laser cut perspex

As you can see from the pictures, it has not been a simple task!  As well as recoding the LCD driver PCB we have also designed our own PCB’s to allow us to utilise the existing ribbon cable, that was used for the OEM navigation, for the front and rear camera, adding another ribbon cable for HDMI from our CarPlay module and assembling all of this into the existing casing.  We laser cut a perspex panel to locate and hold the circuit boards in place to less than a 1mm tolerance.  This has been near 12 months work!

We can either supply and install this with our CarPlay/Android Auto system or we can offer this as an upgrade to existing clients who have already got our CarPlay system installed.

The cost for the CarPlay/Android Auto WITH the HD Screen is £1895.  If you have already got our CarPlay/Android Auto system, the upgrade cost for the HD screen is £575.  The screen upgrade cost is for an exchange unit.  Please contact us if you wish to book in.

International clients can now benefit from this kit as well, please contact us for pricing and shipment details.


Aston Martin HD Screen LCD Driver