We’ve Started

I am delighted to say that I’ve now stepped into the new world of the self employed and all the challenges that brings, some exciting…some not so. My business partner however is an old hand at this game and will no doubt advise me on a regular basis. Between us we are more than qualified to look after the sympathetic electronic upgrades of the Aston fraternity both near and far.

Although I must be careful not to solicit existing clients, I am hopeful the word gets around our industry and people are able to find us with not too much trouble.  I will keep both the website and the blogs reasonably up to date when time and family allow.

One of the main driving reasons to venture forth on my own, is the ability to better juggle my time with running our special needs boy to his new school. It will take some careful planning on both my Wife’s and my part, but I hope with the understanding of my customers; this shouldn’t prove too much of an issue.

That’s all for now, I will keep you updated as things progress over the next few weeks.

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  • Rodney Arnold
    May 25, 2018 12:59 am

    James, best wishes on your new venture. You upgraded my 2005 DB9 at Grange in Exeter. I am sure you will do well. If you need a job to start I am looking to upgrade my 2009 DB9 Volante particularly as there is no longer the phono socket on an iPhone X. Also need to consider the 2002 DB7 which has a parrot but needs connection to the iPhone X. Email your contact details please.

  • Good luck on your new journey.
    I’m sure you will make it a great success and enjoy the (relative) freedom that self employment brings!

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