It’s been a while

Yes, quite a while since we’ve reported on what we’ve been doing.

Our HD screen addition for our CarPlay and Android Auto offering continues to be very sought after, not only domestically, but also worldwide. We are sending kits out to the United States, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, China to name a few. The kit is plug and play, so it allows Aston owners that can’t come and see us, or one of our UK dealers, to have the kit in their cars. The screen upgrades the original Volvo based navigation screen (2004-2011) to a screen that is twice the resolution, so on a par with the latest screens available on the Vantage, DB11 and DBS. The navigation screen on the Garmin based system (2012-2015) is already better, so we don’t need to change that one. AMI III from Aston Martin was the only system that had a wired CarPlay/Android Auto system. This was only fitted to late 2017 and 2018 Vantage, Vanquish and Rapide models. AMI II was the pre cursor to this and was fitted to Vanquish from 2012 and then from 2016 fitted to DB9, Vantage and Rapide. There was a dealer upgrade kit available to go from II to III but it was a very expensive option and not listed as available for the DB9. We’re now also able to offer this AMI II to AMI III upgrade to all models mentioned above, including the DB9.

We’re working on a system to enable owners that don’t have a car with navigation to have our CarPlay/Android Auto and HD screen fitted to the dash, without all the expense of a full navigation upgrade, and still lift and lower the screen as required. With further developments of auto lifting the screen (if shut) when reverse is selected to show the reversing camera.

Aston Martins at Aston Installations

Sometime ago we faced an intriguing problem with a Vantage GT8, the owner wanted to have an external charge socket, but not see it. Looking at the DBS and DB11 we saw that a mag charge socket had been added, so we went with that idea. Where to put it was quite another challenge though! Looking at the rear bumper we saw that there was a reflector on the bottom right of the bumper, we removed this and engineered the charge socket into this. We’ve now got these for DB9 (2013 onwards), DBS (VH), Vantage and Rapide models.

Aston Martin GT8
Mag Charge connector
Aston Martin GT8 Mag Charge
Aston Martin GT8

We’re also in the process of developing an audio upgrade system for the Jaguar/Linn based Vanquish 1 audio system. This is a divisive subject as we know a lot of owners are adamant that it should be left completely standard or changes should be kept to an invisible minimum. We understand this, and can offer a music streaming hands free kit that would replace the original CD changer, with music from your smartphone and utilise the existing wiring, built in the car, to mute the radio and play hands free audio via the front speakers. However there are also a number of owners who want to use the car on a more regular basis and appreciate that the original radio/cassette system is a little dated and want to have the latest CarPlay type tech. We aim to offer and plug and play upgrade kit shortly, replacing the radio/cassette system with an up to date touch screen CarPlay/Android Auto system and a replacement amplifier configuration. This kit will be entirely reversible should the owner wish to remove everything and return the car to standard at any point. Please get in touch to discuss any of the items mentioned above – +44 (0) 1684 276752 or use the contact form