TPMS Defeat



Like most modern cars, Astons feature a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The concept of the system is simple: Each wheel has a sensor that informs a central module of its tyre pressure. When the pressure for a tyre gets too low, the system sends a warning to the car, which manifests as a “Low Tyre Pressure” warning. The sensors contain batteries, and when the batteries die, the TPMS module sends a fault code that gets displayed in your Driver Information Module.

Unfortunately for Aston owners, the sensors used for the TPMS in the car use batteries that aren’t serviceable – they’re epoxied into the sensors. That means when the battery dies, you need to get a whole new sensor… and they aren’t cheap. The “best” solution is to bite the bullet and pay to have new sensors installed (you might as well do them all at the same time). However if you use aftermarket wheels, for instance, the TPMS sensors may not fit, so you can’t use the TPMS at all.  An Aston Martin Master Technician has come up with a solution: A wiring harness that prevents the TPMS module from sending fault codes to the car.  We thank Richard Seidlitz from for allowing us to use the design and resell them in Europe.

Please note that on 05 and 06 Model year V8 Vantage cars, they have a three wire connection to the TPMS.  If this is the case you can simply unplug the TPMS and the warning will go out.  Some time on 07MY they added an extra wire, so if you do unplug it and it comes up with tyre fault, you will require the TPMS defeat.  The Smartire system was then replaced sometime in 2010 with the Beru system.  This TPMS defeat cable will only work with the Smartire system.

Please remember that your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will no longer function with this device fitted.


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